about the project

The project Reuse: Disposable Food Packaging aims to raise awareness of how to deal with disposable food and beverage packaging, encourage its avoidance, and to promote the use and reuse of natural resources. Disposable food packaging will be collected from around campus and transformed into art. The project will enrich the discourse about a sustainable campus and help the University of Rhode Island pioneer innovative ways to promote conservation, recycling and reuse of natural resources.


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  1. great project–I think it can make quite an impact!


  2. Site looks visually terrific and bodes well for a successful project! Looking forward to this semester.


  3. Emma Scharfenberg January 22, 2015 — 6:12 pm

    I think that this project is a fun and interactive way to have students realize that recycling is good. you can turn plastic waste into something beautiful that everyone will enjoy.


  4. Is it ok for you that I linked your blog on my blog http://www.fabrico-ideas.eu/special_blogs/? Greetings from Northern Germany Prof. Dr. Manfred Blohm


  5. Marvelous project!

    As a next step, Fossil Free RI would like to suggest that we re-use our brains to find a way to build a wind farm and to generate Green Power for the People and by the People. URI has some of the best spots in South County for a wind farm.

    —Fossil Free Rhode Island

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  6. This would be a perfect future strategy to become fossil free and renewable as negotiated environmental agreement!

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